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DoInk Animation and Drawing App User Spotlight: Sumit Vishwakarma

Sumit Vishwakarma is an engineer and also the founder of iPad2Art.com whose goal is to educate kids, teens and adults about simple digital techniques that can be applied to create beautiful artwork on tablets.

Tell us about yourself. What do you do? What is a typical day like?

-Professionally, I am an engineer but an artist at heart. I exclusively create art on iPad and tablets using different apps, with either my fingers or a stylus. I see kids using iPad everywhere: in homes, schools, restaurants to watch videos, play games and for social media. All these are consumption use of iPad, but I feel it can be innovatively used to explore creativity.  It can enable students to create and share digital content and media focusing on art and cross-curricular learning. Students can explore drawing and painting, digital photography, digital storytelling, animation, graphic design. With this goal I founded Mobile Art Academy (www.mobileartacademy.com), an educational institute to focus on creative aspect of mobile devices including iPads, tablets and all smartphones. 

A typical day is full of excitement and new challenges. We just started with this mission; however we always have a challenge to establish ourselves.  People still think iPad is for consumption and not for creation. We aim at reversing that belief, and so do various Mobile Art activities including workshops, demos and presentation in public libraries, county fairs and schools. Since I also work as an engineer, I wake up early, do all my mobile art stuff in the morning, and then go to work. Evening is mostly reserved for family - I love my kids. 

How old were you when you started drawing? Ever animated anything before?

-I have been drawing since my 1st grade or even before. Yes, I tried doing “flip animation” before when I was a kid :) . I used to draw on my notebook some simple drawing with changing action on every page. And it resulted in something funny. 

Do you have a favorite artist, animator or cartoon?

-I like Richard Williams work. His techniques are good for anyone who is starting to learn animation. 

What inspires you?

-Simplicity & Nature!  (And my 3 year old son - who asks me to animate his imaginations - flying car, walking house :) 

What are your hobbies?

-Drawing, Painting and Animation!

What is your favorite musician or band? What are you listening dointo?

-Not a big music fan; but I love Michael Jackson and PINK

What are your favorite websites?

-I am a frequent user of FB Mobile Artist group and iPad Artist group. I also like flipboard.

What are your favorite computer Games and apps?

-I am in love with templerun 2. My favorite apps are: DoInk , procreate , artrage, sketchbook pro

How did you find DoInk and what is your experience so far? 

-While browsing for animation app, I landed up with the Doink’s mobile version, I experimented with it and then bought the iPad version. The best part of Doink is “Its simplicity!” One can create really powerful animations using very simple tools in Doink and that too in few minutes (no flipbook style).  I also like the UI and the way things are arranged. 

If you could add any features to the Doink Animation & Drawing for iPad what would they be?

-I love the new photo import feature in Doink. It will really help if we can have an eraser tool to remove the imported photo background. One can then focus on a core subject in the photo and build some cool animations. 

Any advice for other DoInk users?

-I first think about what I want to do - like a script. I then divide my animation into parts. Sometimes you cannot have too many objects in one animation. I create many small animations and then stitch them in iMovie. 

Any tips on using DoInk Animation & Drawing for the iPad?

-1. I would suggest using keyframes; they are really powerful and can help build easy to understand and powerful animations. 

2. User can create some cool animation using Doink and iMovie’s green screen. Give it a try :)  

Do you have a YouTube Channel? If so, what is the link?

-I do have a great clip available here which tells how one can create simple and powerful animations, story boarding, etc. by just using iPad: http://www.ipadtoart.com/animation.html

My YouTube is: http://www.youtube.com/user/sumitvishwakarma

What is your favorite DoInk animation that you have created?

-Solar system. Included in the above link: 

Also 2nd one here:  http://www.ipadtoart.com/animation.html

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