14 08.12

Green Screen by Do Ink App is the UKEdChat Educational App of the Day

The Green Screen by DoInk app http://bit.ly/1f3Sj20 for the iPad is the Featured Educational App of the Day chosen by UKEdChat. Their review http://ukedchat.com/2014/08/10/eduapp-doink-green-screen-for-ipad/  says that “Green Screening and creativity go hand-in-hand.” Nice that “such creativity does not have to be exclusive to million dollar budgets” since green screening is “relatively cheap for classrooms via the amazing DoInk Green Screen app for the iPad.” Their review asks the question, “How can Green Screening help in Education?” Their answer, “Creativity is key…but this app could also be used to support children to become storytellers or allow pupils to explain a key concept they have learned in any curriculum subject.” Awesome! UKEdChat is “an online community-based project that aims to engage with educators, promoting the benefits of online collaborations, sharing practice and professional development through access to networks, news and resources.” It’s a great resource for teachers in the UK and around the world. Thanks for featuring us!image


14 07.29

Flipped Classroom Video using the Green Screen by Do Ink app

Interested in activities for the flipped classroom? Alessandra Pallavicini, a teacher, recently blogged http://web20atschool.wordpress.com/2014/07/14… that she didn’t “like textbooks very much”, especially when they discussed topics using words “that students cannot possibly know.” So she created a video for use in the Flipped Classroom “to motivate students to read” and to help them understand. Her students were reading about Scotland and the words, “Haggis, porridge and tartan” were mentioned without explaining what they were. So Alessandra created a video for her students explaining the terms  http://bit.ly/WLnAU7 Her video was her first time “Appsmashing.” She used the Tellagami app to create the avatar who explains “Haggis, porridge and tartan” while standing on a green background. Then she used the DoInk Green Screen app http://bit.ly/1f3Sj20  to place the avatar in the correct background and location on the timeline. Then she used iMovie to edit her video. Alessandra concluded that there was “incredible potential in appsmashing” and in having students create their own presentations or videos. AND we concluded that we’d pass on the Haggis but would definitely try the porridge. Great job, Alessandra!image

14 07.22

Review of Green Screen by Do Ink App by iPadInsight - “Particularly Useful in the Classroom”

James Potter did a review for iPadInsight http://ipadinsight.com/ipad-app-reviews/green-screen-for-ipad-review/?onswipe_redirect=no&oswrr=  on the Green Screen by DoInk app http://bit.ly/1f3Sj20 for the iPad. James wrote that “the cool thing that Do Ink has done with Green Screen is they have made green screening super easy to do.” He explains that “Do Ink keeps it simple by offering three video layers (the top should be the green screen film) and subsequent layers being the background. From here you can use a slider to adjust the color to match the green screen and the sensitivity of that color. It’s that simple and the results are excellent.” In doing his review, James filmed his test footage in front of a green painted wall. In about 2 minutes, he completed his test footage and it looked great. He wrote, “With my teacher hat on, I could see this app being particularly useful in the classroom because of the fact that it is uncluttered and sticks to what it does best – green screening.” He added, it really is amazing to see what a device like the iPad has done for film making,” concluding that apps like the Green Screen by DoInk make the film making “process much more creative and interesting.”image


14 06.30

Review of the Green Screen by Do Ink app by Common Sense Media’s service, Graphite

Common Sense Media’s service, “Graphite,” offers independent ratings and reviews of learning apps and websites. They just posted a review of the Green Screen by DoInk app http://bit.ly/1f3Sj20 saying it was a “Versatile easy- to-use movie maker with great results. They rated it “very good” for learning, as well as for their teacher rating. They liked that it has “numerous uses for students projects.” Our favorite part of the review was the comment posted by a teacher who wrote, "the green screen app i have been waiting for." To read the full review http://www.graphite.org/app/green-screen-by-do-ink  Thanks, Common Sense Media and Graphite for helping spread the word about our Green Screen by DoInk app.image


14 06.20

Green Screen by Do Ink included in MindShift’s list of “Apps that Rise to the Top, Tested and Approved by Teachers”

It’s not easy sorting through the thousands of educational apps available in iTunes to find the best apps suited for your students’ age group, skill level or use case. Mindshift simplified the process with their list of ”Apps That Rise to the Top, Tested and Approved By Teachers”  http://blogs.kqed.org/mindshift/2014/06/apps-that-rise-to-the-top-tested-and-approved-by-teachers/ Their list was crowdsourced and voted on by educators around the country. It’s a great resource including apps for storytelling, video, augmented reality, reading engagement, coding, etc. The Green Screen by Do Ink app http://bit.ly/1f3Sj20 is on the list. Thanks to all our teachers for their support.image


14 06.10

Green Screen by Do Ink on List of Apps for Project Based Learning Classrooms

Looking for apps that “promote creativity and critical thinking for the Project Based Learning Classroom?” Karen Ogen, a Technology Integration Specialist in Columbia, South Carolina posted on her ” i Teach With Technology” blog a list http://www.iteachwithtechnology.com/2014/03/20-ipad-apps-to-use-with-project-or.html of her favorite apps to use with Elementary students in the classroom.  One of the apps noted for project-based learning was the Green Screen by Do Ink app http://bit.ly/1f3Sj20. Karen’s list is a great resource not only for apps, but also ideas for how to use them, as she includes links to examples of how these apps have been used by students.image

14 05.29

Easy-to-Use DoInk Green Screen app on eSchool News list of Educational apps that promote 21st-century skills

Michelle Luhtala, head librarian at New Canaan High School crowdsourced from colleagues and students thirty apps that “promote and target 21st-century skills such as collaboration and creativity.” Her list is included in eSchool News http://www.eschoolnews.com/2014/05/22/30-apps-educators-634/2/  and is a great resource for educational apps that “go deeper, helping educators transform teaching and learning while promoting essential skills such as critical thinking and collaboration.” The Green Screen by Do Ink app http://bit.ly/1f3Sj20 is included, as well as EdTech favorites ExplainEverything and Book Creator.image

14 04.22

Creating a Green Screen Video in the Classroom puts Students anywhere in the World

Scholastic.com ‘s article, “Create a Green Screen Video in the Classroom” http://bit.ly/1kt8Dhc is a great resource for learning about interesting ways green screening can be used in the classroom. The article’s author, Lindsey Petlak, is a teacher who created her own green screen video with the help of her students to apply for scholarship assistance. To create her movie, she used the Green Screen by DoInk app http://bit.ly/1f3Sj20  on the iPad and her article includes pictures of of the process. Lindsey believes that there are “endless possibilities for learning” when students are involved in movie making. She says the process puts “students in the director’s chair” which “facilitates authentic learning and assessment opportunities and results in Oscar-worthy productions, with little to NO prep!” Lindsey loves using a green screen when making movies because it puts students “anywhere in the world.” We agree. Where would you like to go today?image

14 04.10

How to Create Green Screen Effects on the iPad by Jonathan Wylie

Jonathan Wylie, an Instructional Technology Consultant in Iowa wrote an excellent article on “How to Create Green Screen Effects on the iPad” http://t.co/gJXFUKQWpy Jonathan notes that “video effects are no longer the preserve of video professionals” and can easily be done in the classroom. The article lists the essential items needed to get started which include an iPad, a Green Screen and an iPad app. His green screen app of choice is the Green Screen by Do Ink app http://bit.ly/1f3Sj20 which he concludes from testing, “is among the most effective, and the easiest to use.” The article demonstrates how the green screen effect is applied using the Do Ink app and provides useful green screen shooting tips.  It’s a great article to get users started in green screening. Jonathan concludes, “it might sound like a hard thing to do” but “using green screen effects on iPads is easier than you might think…it’s possible to achieve professional looking results with very little effort.”  We agree, and love seeing the wonderful green screen movies being created by students and shared by teachers on Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo.image

14 04.04

AppSmashing on the iPad to Foster Creativity

Are you familiar with “app-smashing,” a technique coined and honed by Greg Kulowiec? http://kulowiectech.blogspot.com/2013/11/app-smashing-app-pack-x-thinglink.html It’s also referred to as “app synergy.” It’s the “process of using multiple apps in conjunction with one another to complete a final task or project”. The  possibilities of appsmashing are endless. Basically, you start with one app, Then use one or more apps to add more features. The key to App Smashing is the camera roll, as it enables you to store pictures, video and sound files which can then be accessed by other apps.  The emphasis is on “creating” and then “sharing” publicly what is created to YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

We love the concept of appsmashing as it provides endless opportunities for teachers and students to unleash their creativity while using the power of the iPad.  For a list of apps to use in app smashing, Greg Kulowiec created the app-pack list below which he says, “are the key tools that I use to create my multi-media app smashes.”  The list includes the Green Screen http://bit.ly/1f3Sj20 by DoInk app.  The DoInk Animation and Drawing app http://bit.ly/1sh9DZj could also be used. So are you ready for some good old app-smashing? Let’s rumble!image

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